22 September 2023


Pradhan Mantri WI-Fi Access Network Interface – PMWANI


The PMWANI scheme, also known as the PMWANI Wi-Fi scheme or PMWANI Yojana, is a flagship initiative by the Indian government to provide affordable and high-speed internet to millions of Indians through public Wi-Fi networks. This scheme is a part of the government’s ambitious Digital India campaign, aimed at providing internet connectivity to every citizen in the country.

Under the PMWANI scheme, the government will set up public Wi-Fi networks across the country in rural and urban areas, covering both government and private institutions. This will enable people to access the internet at low prices, thus bridging the digital divide in the country. The scheme is expected to benefit small businesses, farmers, students, and other vulnerable sections of society.

The PMWANI scheme has three key components: Public Data Offices (PDOs), Public Data Aggregators (PDAs), and App Providers. PDOs will provide Wi-Fi services to the public, while PDAs will aggregate the demand for Wi-Fi services from PDOs and App Providers. App Providers will develop applications to offer a seamless experience to users.

Despite its potential benefits, the PMWANI scheme faces several challenges, including funding, infrastructure, and security concerns. However, the government has taken several steps to address these challenges, including setting up a central registry of PDOs, providing incentives for PDOs and PDAs, and promoting the use of open-source software to ensure data security. Overall, the PMWANI scheme has the potential to revolutionize internet connectivity in India, and bridge the digital divide in the country.